Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Turkish mavericks....

Its always fun to read the 'high school' articles of mr. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, an unknown guy in the scientifically world.
But he likes the ramble and support terrorism against France, the UK and everything he hates: everybody who disagrees with him.

This maverick writes sometimes an article. He doesn't get paid for it since his back ground is full of lies and fake certificates.

Anyway, enjoy how he encourage terrorism for the sake of Turkey!!

Empty the Louvre!

Turkey must cause a lethal blow to France's image of Embodiment of Culture, Epitome of Education, and Epicenter of the Lights. Instead of foreign governments asking the return of archeological treasures stolen by the criminal French archeologists, local organizations set up by correctly guided immigrants, destitute French of the lower classes, and (culturally and nationally awaken) Britons, Occitans, Catalans, Corsicans, Alsatians and Basks of France must demand the morally imposed action.

An organization named "Do not visit the Louvre Genocide" must daily mobilize protestations and manifestations outside the former royal palace of France to prevent tourists from visiting the stolen collections that the French have disreputably gathered there over the past two centuries.

Another organization named "Money to France's victims, not thieves" should collect money from tourists ready to visit night clubs, casinos and cabarets, and fund NGOs engaged in former French colonies.

Independence for Catalonia, Bask Country, Corsica, and Polynesia

Even more aggressive against France the Turkish foreign policy should be in cases of the still existing French colonies; French Polynesia should become an immediate Turkish concern, and Turkey with its allies in Oceania, Australia and New Zealand, should fuel strife and clash, insurgence, and a successful outcome of the indigenous people's liberation movement.
A global effort of methodic and systematic defamation of France must be undertaken - not to diffuse lies (as the typical French policies would in similar cases) but to reveal the truth to billions of people allover the world about crimes perpetrated by the France in Africa and the Middle East, in Asia (particularly with respect to the Eastern Christians, the Aramaeans, and the Armenians, whom French gangsters masqueraded as missionaries either multi-divided or turned them their own countries, namely the Ottoman Empire and Iran, with the well-known disastrous consequences) and in Oceania. French colonial crimes in America should not be forgotten either.

It is impossible for Turkey to get successfully engaged against France without 100 Ph.D. published, publicized, commented and quoted in more than 10 languages allover the world.

Remove French Cultural Centers from allover the world!

Another effort should be deployed in the former French colonies; through the formation of bilateral NGOs (Turkish / Algerian, Turkish / Syrian), all French colonial deeds carried out and policies implemented against the normal formation of National Identity (of the various colonized peoples) and the elaboration of a true, locally centered, historiography should be denounced.
Accordingly, these NGOs, as social groups of pressure, should demand that all French institutes and colleges, universities and cultural centers in Damascus or Sanaa, Cairo or Rabat be closed down, as diffusing racist versions and visions of History.

As a matter of fact, Turkey needs a theoretical background to fight at an academic - cultural - political level against France, denounce the French colonial crimes (either in Morocco or in Corsica), and mobilize local masses allover the world against France (either in oppressed, Gaelic, Brittany or in semi-liberated Tunisia).

What the theoretical background of the Turkish attack against France should be we will analyze in a forthcoming article.

Time can make you Happy

In 1999, I started a yahoo group. One of the first members and later moderators is Johanna from a place in the centre of Finland. Above a picture of her. Made several years ago. Not always happy, but determined to make something out of her life.

Then she disappeared, but came back with a beautiful message and picture: her son:
Miika Jaakko Sakari.

Here Johanna with her Miiki.
A happy family, with her boyfriend and child. And peaceful rest. Time can do so much, but think in the positive direction.

Are Belgians Turks (part two)

Turkish Daily News: In a move that is destined to bring Belgians and Turks together as brothers, Professor Ahmet Arslan said that when the Selçuk part of the Oguz tribe formed a state in Central Asia, their capital was called Genk, having the same name as the city of Genk in Belgium.

Actually Genk was a Celtic village originally known as Geneche.

Turkish Daily News: He also said the symbol of Genk Municipality was a double headed eagle, and added as his conclusive proof, “In the Selçuk tribe, the same symbol was used. One head symbolized Interior Oguz while the other Exterior Oguz.”

The double headed eagle is a common symbol, usually associated with the Eastern Roman Empire.

Turkish Daily News: Referring to the city of Genk in Belgium, Arslan said: “There are many dark haired, light skinned people there. This is the basic characteristic of the Oguz tribe.”

Is he referring to the Turks that live their or the native Belgians? That "characteristic" is "characteristic" of many tribes. Moreover, definitions as to what constitutes "light skin" vary.

Turkish Daily News: The molecular genetic studies the department had conducted showed the main migration route from Central Asia followed the north west and west of the Caucasus Mountains, Arslan said.

He said there were close blood ties between Europeans and Turks as a result of these tribal migrations. These migrations did not expand to Western Europe, nor to Eastern Europe until the advance of the Ottoman Empire. The Oghuz Turks consisted of multiple tribes whose original homeland was in the Ural-Altaic region of Central Asia. Due to the dissolution of the Göktürk Khanate in the 8th century, the Oghuz migrated westwards to Transaxonia. From this base they would over centuries would establish the Seljuk Empire and continue west into Western Asia and Eastern Europe. While Turks did dwell in the Black Sea Steppes, and the Oghuz became first associated with the Hunnic invasions in the 3rd century (BC), the 8th century marks their first significant migration from the ethnic Turkic homeland. The Seljuks are derived from this Steppes area and migrated into Persia in the 9th century, mixing heavily with the Persians before advancing westward.

Genetic research and anthropology on Anatolia concludes the following:
1. Turkish was imposed on non-Turkic peoples
2. The original inhabitants (Mediterranean) were absorbed into the new population
3. Only 30% of present-day Turkish genes are derived from Central Asia
4. There has been continuous gene-flow from Central Asia to Anatolia for some 40 generations at a rate of 1% per generation
5. Modern Turks are closer to Iranians, Caucasians and Russians than Turkic populations in Central Asia

6 Of One A....

Today, I went to my hair dresser in Akmerkez. After that a quick snack at McDonald's.

I saw on the menu that you could have an order of 6, 9 or 12 Chicken McNuggets.
I asked for a half dozen nuggets.

"We don't have half dozen nuggets", said the teenager at the counter.

"You don't?" I replied.

"We only have six, nine, or twelve," was the reply.

"So I can't order a half-dozen nuggets, but I can order six?"

"That's right."

So I shook my head and ordered six McNuggets.

Day Opening - January 9

The IBM PC was introduced in 1981. It was perhaps the first to wear the "PC" label, but that was IBM's only innovation.