Friday, July 27, 2007

More paintings by Iman Maleki

A touchy painting!

The reality these days for so many people.

Women, always women...

This billboard caused a public outcry in the Netherlands. Not because of religious reasons, but for Dutch, this kind of advertisement is an insult to our national IQ and how we see women. And keep in mind, the Netherlands is the only country in the world which has a Union for beware, you can be sued by them for various reasons...)) To keep them as friends, make a donation through their web site..))
Lately there was a similar outcry in Turkey about billboards with women in bikini. And that the AK party wants to introduce sharia in Turkey...
Now you see that we Dutch are far more conservative than the Turks..))

Anyway, below some well dressed women on Lebanon, made by a fellow Dutch blogger over there.

I go for the Blue car...

She....she scares me..))

No time to look carefully, since it's put near a highway...

A different view at the latest Turkish elections

While surfing in blogosphere I came across an interesting article written by a Dutch journalist stationed in Beirut, Lebanon, Harald Doornbos. He is trying to draw a parallel between the outcome of the Turkish elections and the birth rate observed in secular and Islamist families in Turkey. Since I believe in looking at different aspects of every happening I would like to take your attention to his post:


So it is official now - Over 46 percent of Turks voted for the Islamists. Call it a farewell to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk - the greatest Turk ever. The end of Secularism. The beginning of the end. Death to the president, long live the sultan!

Turkey might have been an example for millions of oppressed progressive Muslims in Islamic countries - but no longer. One of the few truly secular Muslim countries (together with Bosnia and Albania) chooses - voluntarily - for mixing politics with God. Give me one example of a successful country where politics and religion aren't separated? Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia, Pakistan, The Sudan, Lebanon? Good luck Turkey.

And isn't democracy a great system?!

Especially if it works like this:

Progressive secular Turkish families (Mostly city people) all have one or two children. Logically - because if you are progressive, not terribly religious and you care about a future for yourself and your children, it is rather obvious that you don't want 20 children.

Now here comes the countryside: Schooling is wanky, future not that rosy, conservative village mentality, religion very important and the result of this all is: Large families.

You can read the whole article
here. See for yourself if he is convincing enough in his theory ;-)