Sunday, August 05, 2007

Coming soon to Turkey...

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A new parliament, new faces

This is the Leader of Great Union Party of Turkey (BBP), and new elected parliamentarian Muhsin Yazicioglu. He is considered to be close to the Grey Wolves organization, and is related to the "Alperen Ocakları" tendency of Alparslan Turkes.

Ogün Samast, the teen Turkish ultra-nationalist who assassinated Hrant Dink, is said to have links to this political party through its youth organization Alperen Ocakları.

Alparslan Türkeş, a late Turkish politician considered by many to have fascist views, said:

'Those that have torn down this nation are Greek, Armenian and Jew traitors, and Kurdish, Bosnian and Albanians… How can you, as a Turk, tolerate these dirty minorities. Remove from within the Armenians and Kurds and all Turkish enemies'.

It will be interesting to see how he (Muhsin Yazicioglu) will co-op with the 20 Kurdish parliamentarians of the DTP.

Orthodox Church: business as usual

When I wrote that the Greek Orthodox Church is dominant in both Greece and Greek Cyprus as well, I received a lot of angry reactions. For me religion is one of the main problems on Cyprus.
Yesterday, Archbishop Chrysostomos II announced that his Church will go into solar energy.
Read it here. There is nothing wrong with that but don't deny that the Greek Orthodox Church is pretty involved in politics as well.