Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Days in Dubai

It was a nice trip to Dubai. And a country with a history. Maybe the buildings are new, the UAE has a rich history and full of traditions.
Yes, It is nowadays full with new build buildings. But it is a country of wealth, respect and almost no crime! The skyline of Dubai is amazing. And they are still building, with the speed of a Dutch extend its road: fast.
The first full day we met with Derya. An organized and sweet person. Since I forgot to take my medicines with me, she arranged a quick and effectual trip to the Iranian Hospital. Which scared me first, but those people know what they are doing. Thank you Derya.
We went to another 6 star hotel for a tea. And later that evening we had diner in 'the Ottoman' where her brother is the GM. Champagne and white wine.
There are so many shopping malls: you can even do ice skating there. The temperature in the summer is 45 Celsius, but in winter 25, and at night around 15.

The dress code in the UAE is much the same as it would be in your home country. But a healthy respect for the local customs should be maintained, as I recommend. You will see plenty of people wearing shorts, T-shirts, skirts, etc… Clothing doesn't have to cover arms and legs, but should be somewhat modest as a sign of respect for the local sensibilities.
You see the only 7 star hotel in world: the Jubla.

Personally, the women are extremely beautiful. And 'covered'. But on a traditional way. Like men are covered too...

The West can learn a lesson about this way of life, which is not perfect, but I rather see a person who takes care about themselve than someone who is obysieswith a dogmatic religion.

Thanks Derya for the nice time!

Cirque de Soleil 2

Cirque de Soleil.
A must see performance,
The best show on earth.

Day opening Christmas 2007 - December 25



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