Monday, November 12, 2007

Conversations with God

Since I don't feel well, I hang around in the house, moving from bedroom to living room, and spent a lot of time watching movies. Up to 5 a day. Also because I am not inspired at all to write something - maybe - interesting.
Last Saturday, one of the movies was 'Conversations with God', which first didn't attract me at all: another lunatic who pretend to get his/her orders out of the universe! And it sounded something evangelic. No, not for me. But after a couple of minutes, I stayed watching, and I must say: incredible. A simple man, a simple story, but so powerful. No dictates how to 'believe', how to worship...
The movie was also down-to-earth, nothing sensational, over-emotional. No, a sober inspiring story.
You can read about Neal Donald Walsch more here. And his books are translated in Turkish (in fact, my wife told me to watch the show). So...enjoy.

Day Opening - November 12

Pantagonia, Argentina.
Penguins at Puerto Mardyn.