Saturday, September 01, 2007

My Trip to Mexico DF (City) - 3

Mexico DF (city) is one of the most interesting cities I visited.
In 1992, the United Nations described Mexico City’s air as the most polluted on the planet. Six years later, that air earned Mexico the reputation of “the most dangerous city in the world for children” — a reputation Mexico has been working hard to improve. But despite more than a decade of stringent pollution control measures, a haze hangs over the city most days, obscuring the surrounding snow-capped mountains and endangering the health of its inhabitants. Mexico DF is built in a valley.
Factors that have contributed to this situation are: industrial growth, a population boom (from three million in 1950 to some 20 million today, less than Istanbul), and the proliferation of vehicles. More than 3.5 million vehicles — 30% of them more than 20 years old — now ply the city streets.

This picture shows the traffic on Eje Central Lazaro Cardenas, a 'street' of 40 km.
The tower of Latin America in the heart of Mexico DF.

The Paseo de la Reforma, another big street in Mexico DF. With several statues like the Angel in the background.
Here I encountered the corrupt Mexican police for the first time.

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