Thursday, August 02, 2007

Send them back - Campaign Greenpeace Turkey

Anybody aware of this ad campaign?

How dangerous is it to keep 90 nuclear bombs at the Incirlik Base?

Got this from Houtlust.

'Schnitzel-Stephan' jailed

This is Stephan S., German's most notorious food-pirate...He will spend the next 1 1/2 years in jail. Last year already prosecuted but not convicted of eating in restaurants without paying. Since then, he did it again; precisely 64 times eating in restaurants without paying...
His life quote is: "Ick ess allet - und zahl nüscht." (I eat everything - and I pay nothing)
When he got the bill he simply walked away or used to say, while showing his wallet:
Ick hab nüscht." (I don't have anything)
I did it once, after waiting for a bill for 15 minutes. I simply walked away..)

'Caviare to the general'

'Caviare to the general' is a quotation of Shakespeare, which means 'not to the taste of the general public'. You can use the word general in two ways when it comes to Turkey...

I see more and more people saying that Minister of Foreign Affairs A. Gül might be a good president but he is not the taste of the Turkish people in general.
I agree with this. It would be a disaster for Turkey if both the President and Prime minister are from the same party. The President must be someone completely independent. All the changes Turkey currently went through, is maybe too quick, and hard to digest. And with Mr. Gül as president, the same tensions will occur as in April of this year.
And, there are external problems which have to be solved, with neighboring countries for example (I include the USA in this..))