Thursday, October 04, 2007

Last of the Iraqis - 5 - Art of Death in Mesopotaniam

I think many have heard about the methods used for torturing prisoners or politic prisoners to take confessions from them, we heard about the Russian who was poisoned with Uranium , or what happened in Abu-Ghraib, but I don't think that many people know what the militias and AQ does to Iraqis not to take confessions from them or force them to do anything, but just to kill them and enjoy their death and cause the maximum grief and suffer to their parents and beloved, or maybe terrorizing the people even more and make the people wish that they die by a bullet or an explosion, it's a blessing now if an Iraqi dies by a bullet or an explosion. Even death in Iraq isn't like anywhere else, those militias and AQ seems to enjoy killing and I think they look at it as an art or something, the more weird and savage the way they kill people in , the more creative they look at it , because as I said they look at it as an art!
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