Saturday, April 28, 2007

Queen's Day in the Netherlands

Yes, this is Queen's day in the Netherlands. The National party of our Queen. It's for free to join. And it looks like this year, with temperatures of 26 degrees, it will be a fantastic event. People can prepare themselves for this day during the weekend. But I am sure that many will not make it the first of May to work.

Queen's Day is celebrated on the 30th of April, the birthday of our former Queen, Juliana; our much beloved Queen from 1948 until 1980.
Especially in the big cities of the Netherlands, it's party time! Starting already on the 29th of April at 18.00

Yes, this was 2001, and it was nice weather. Queen's Day is fun. It's for young and old. And it's striking how the Dutch behave that day: it's carnival for them!

Picture made in Vondelpark Amsterdam. Throughout the year a place to rest, and enjoy the multi-national faces of Amsterdam.

Who is concerned about Turkish Image?

These are interesting days in Turkey. And, yes, now big parts of the world are watching the Turks. First the Turkish Armed Forces warned the current government of the AK Party that 'they' (read: the army) also have a say in the debate about who will be the next president. Then the EU warned the Turkish army not to interfere. At last but not the least, the Turkish government warns the Turkish army that the Prime minister is still above the army.
The only country which didn't warn was the USA. But they condemned the statements made by the 'Generals'.
In the end, this is not good for Turkish image!

Only Burma, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Libya, Egypt, and Thailand are ruled by the military.
Does Turkey as a candidate member of the EU belong here?
Although Turkish army is respected, it's feared as well.
It would be an economical disaster and a setback for years if the military would have a say in politics.
For more info about military who like to play around with countries click here.

Poem two - On the Secret Bridge

On the Secret Bridge
(Sır Köprüsünde)

kör bir dizeye şarkı öğretir gibi
diziyorum kıldan ince sözlerimi
hazır ol! duruyorum, tetikte kalbim
kalbine diyez seslerle yüzüyorum

Adımın sol anahtarı yok
Yüzümün yelkeni yırtıldı

çatlak ar damarına giriyorum usulca
günaha giriyorum ellerinde gezinmek suç
edepsiz notaların işgalinde nefesim
korkuyorum...üflesem düşeceksin

Aklım düşmemeli bu savaşta
Hâlâ sıcak dönüş yolu

kör bir dizeye şarkı söyletir gibi
tutuyorum kılıçtan keskin sözlerimi
sol göğsünün kapısında nöbette
ateşten bir nehirle susuyorum

Adımın sol anahtarı yok
Yüzümün yelkeni...

Nurduran Duman