Friday, August 03, 2007

The End of Tolerance in Amsterdam

Immigrants from Turkey or the former Dutch colony of Suriname are not the ones that keep the Dutch police on their toes. The "problem" immigrants in Slotervaart (Amsterdam) come from Morocco, not from major cities but from villages in the High Atlas and Rif Mountains. They live here in their own world, eating couscous with lamb's brain salad, watching Al-Jazeera and attending the mosque on Fridays. There is little pressure to conform to Dutch customs and lifestyles.

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Robert Fisk and some delicate questions...

Sometimes I read the Independent. So also today and read about Robert Fisk, for many Europeans and Americans a highly controversial journalist, especially in Britain. Fisk is a consistent critic of what he perceives as hypocrisy in British government's foreign policy. And then suddenly the names of Taner Akcam, Fatma Müge Göçek, Ahmet Insel and many other Turks appear.
Also, an article of Robert Fisk pops up: You're talking nonsense Mr. Ambassador.

And when I read this highly illogical site (the heading: 'The other side of the falsified genocide' is already illogical) I became irritated. The same as with many Armenian diaspora sites, which promote hate and anger.
The whole discussion about the Armenian democide and massacres of Turks, due to failure of the Turkish military in the War of Independence (that's my stance) is far too politicized.

Also Raphael Lemkin's views are interesting. And Elif Safak.

Now my question to Turkish people: what do you think about the above mentioned Turks?

And for the Armenians, reading this blog: your government is corrupt, but is not genuine in their efforts to establish good relations with Turkey, why? Is reconciliation not the best direction? The future is on the ground, just one step in front of you. This can not go on forever!

Corruption Perception Index 2006

Click on the picture to enlarge. Dark blue is the least corruptive, red the most.*
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*Now we know why Dinc moved to Moscow..)