Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I had a good laugh

The just newly appointed minister of environment and forestry, Veysel Eroğlu, says that Turkey has the resources to withstand the effects of climate change. In fact he said directly that, and I quote him here: “In my opinion, global warming does not threaten Turkey. There is a solution for everything as long as one takes the necessary measures”. So, according to this genius, Global Warming stops at the borders of Turkey, and all other countries which don't take 'the necessary measures', are responsible for the effects of Global Warming. Maybe this minister must make a trip to the Aral sea and see with his own eyes what Global Warming means: lack of understanding by mankind what their actions in the past and today did to the environment. And it looks like Mr. Eroğlu thinks that solving water shortages are the only problems to be solved as a result of Global Warming. Ever heard about the word pollution Mr. Eroğlu? There is more at stake than water. Fire the guy before it's too late - in my humble opinion...

The Pan-Armenian games

Yesterday I received an update by email from oneworld.blogsome.com in my inbox.
This blog by a British Armenian journalist and blogger is pretty balanced.
Super Hero already posted yesterday a simple post about the Pan-Armenian games on his blog (with a ridiculous comment quick after his posting).
Before jumping to all kinds of conclusions, maybe it's wise to read this blog. And the comments linked to the posts by Odnik.
No need to comment on Sabah's tendentious news article.

Here is the email and the links.


Pan-Armenian Games Seek Ethnic Unity Amidst Divisions

EurasiaNet has just published my text and photos from the Pan-Armenian Games held last week in Yerevan. Although the idea of the game in itself is great, serious problems continue to emerge in attempts to unite Armenians through this sporting event.

Moreover, although the spectacular opening and closing ceremonies were well-attended and broadcast live, the sporting events themselves appeared to be considered less important -- especially as Armenia has entered into the unofficial campaign period for the 2008 presidential election.
It should also be noted that attempts to portray the event as symbolic of an Armenia-Diaspora unity that many consider does not exist were very draconian in practice.
For example, many teams such as the Argentinian-Armenian one above brought the national flags of their country of origin to proudly display their dual identities, but security and organizers at the opening ceremony confiscated them instead.
In their defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told myself and another journalist covering the games that the of the rules of the Pan-Armenian Games specifically prohibit the display of any flag other than the Armenian tricolor.
Before they were confiscated, however, I saw teams with Argentinian, Lebanese, Australian, Canadian, Spanish, Georgian, German, English and Greek flags, and other teams apparently had theirs as well.

The full post is here.

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