Thursday, August 09, 2007

This is not Turkish Delight...

Super Hero put a posting with the catchy title: sexual obsession on his blog.
I agree with him on many points, but as long as the the main Turkish press are putting these kind of filthy pictures in their newspapers, what can we expect?
Today, after work, at 5 PM, I did some shopping, and walked home. Suddenly in the middle of the street a guy was screaming and yelling. His eyes were full of hate. And he had something in his hands. The closer I came by, I saw a 'killer knife' in his hand. I stayed relaxed and passed him by on 3 feet.
What I understand was that it was about a woman.
Now looking how mainstream Turkish main newspapers 'cover' the news, I can only say: learn something about media ethics. And bravo Hürriyet to create anger and hatred with the above picture. For sure, you don't like women, and are obsessed with Ms. Hilton...
Sustainable...a word, that the boundary spanners of Turkey still don't understand.
If your secularism is based upon that: stop complaining. You are keeping the stereotypes alive.
And it's time that you show that women are not meat. Yuk!

Bilgi University and Erkan

Went out today to see my friend Erkan, since he is appointed as lecturer at Bilgi University in Istanbul at the communication department.
For people who never met him but are reading his blog, and there are around 1.000 hits he gets on a daily basis from all around the world: he is a nice guy! I met him now in several settings, and this weekend I will let him take the last 'test': I will cook for him an Indonesian dinner at my home, and he can say; Nay or Yay. I will make it hot and tasty, and he will get enough beer, to blush the fire....

Funny thing was: we discovered that through our site, he gets a lot of traffic. Google Analytics shows it clearly...
Keep on doing the good work Erkan!