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Belgians are Turks?

Okay, the American's make jokes about the Polish, the Spanish about the Portuguese people and the Dutch about Belgium, which is our national right...don't take that away from us...))
Anyway, I had a good laugh this morning reading the article "Belgians are Turks, says Turk academic'.

Professor Ahmet Arslan said that when the Selçuk part of the Oğuz tribe formed a state in Central Asia, their capital was called Genk, having the same name as the city of Genk in Belgium. He also said the symbol of Genk Municipality was a double headed eagle, and added as his conclusive proof, “In the Selçuk tribe, the same symbol was used. One head symbolized Interior Oğuz while the other Exterior Oğuz.”

Interpreting history, by all meaning, especially through philology, the study of ancient texts and languages, is the only valid parameter. Not some kind of cheap redenations. Philology also includes the close study of texts and their history. It includes elements of textual criticism, trying to reconstruct an author's original text based on variant manuscript copies. And therefor you need to understand the classical languages.
History from the Belgium takes its name from the Belgae, the early Celtic tribes who had settled in the area of the Low Countries during Preobscene era.
I am waiting on the moment that this professor claims that Brussels is built by Turks. Maybe a good way to become a EU member....

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