Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday; the weekly day of rest in a Muslim country

Sunday is the weekly day of rest in the Christian world. Saturday is the weekly day of rest in the Jewish state of Israel, Muslim countries and among Jewish communities. But in Turkey with a predominantly Muslim population (99%), Sunday is the weekly day of rest. If you can speak of a rest day; a lot of shops are open and people are 'beeing' around. And Turks have to work, hard, so often on Sunday as well.

Ataturk introduced a 'Free Sunday' in 1935 among other social reforms:

The activities of religious sects were banned by law (1925);
Western calendar was introduced (1925);
International numeric system was introduced (1928);
The Metric system was introduced (1931);
The nicknames and personal titles were abolished (1934);
Religious attire was prohibited in public (1934);
According to this law, religious personalities, irrespective of the religious groups they belong to, were not to wear religious attire in public but only in their sanctuaries.
The surname law was introduced (1934);
The modern secular system of jurisprudence instead of religious law is integrated (1926);
The liberation of the women of Turkey by giving them political and social rights.
a) Rights brought with medeni kanun (1926);
b) Rights for women to be elected for the parliament (1926).

See here the friction with the Muslim world!

Concept maker or (copy) writer

When I wrote my first article (a simple press release) some 20 years ago, people liked my style, the concept, but were very critical about my (Dutch) grammar. So, I improved it since then. But since I think in concepts, I write and never have an eye for the grammar. That stayed so when I worked as a copy writer: always someone was proofreading what I produced.

Especially when you write on a computer, you don't see your own typo faults, and that's a fact.
Now I am writing in English for almost 10 years. I thought that I developed this language better than French, which was for a long time my second language (besides German), but after harsh criticism of a Turkish Lady in Florence, Yasemin (
view her blog), I decided to appoint her as my editor. Also since I write columns once in a while. She thankfully accepted the job..))

I am a concept maker, with eyes for details, but not for grammar. Long live the Editor, but the Concept maker is still Alive!