Sunday, July 01, 2007

Toyota is doing it again..

Toyota, a car for the proletarians in West Europe, is doing it again: disturbing wild life!

Ad populum argument, Ataturk and Aristoteles

I am not sure, but I guess that many of you never heard about the Ad Populum argument.
An argument often used in countries practising culture relativism (we did it like this for hundreds of years, so why change it?) or by indoctrination of the masses: everybody thinks like this, so, if you think different, you are wrong.
This argument pops up all the time in the Turkish polemics. Everybody knows exactly what Ataturk have said and would have implemented. They all use the Ad Populum argument, which simply makes any debate impossible. You face a militaristic attack of the Left or Right wing minded people while criticizing a simple thought or thing.
Maybe I must shut up, and stuck to Aristotle: after him 'nothing new' has ever been revealed, said or written...but he is a Greek...ha

Isn't it a Shame?

That in a country which braga all the time about religious tolerance (while even the Ottomans were well known about their segregation policies) a country where Turkish people feel so threatened by a tiny small community - whose members try to act as discrete as possible - that they are attacking the tiny minorities? I am not talking only about the killings, but the threats, harassment etc.
A tiny population of less than 0.3% of the total Turkish considered as a threat by some Turkish people? And the violence increased after January of this year, 2007.
And isn't it a shame that the Turkish government had to issue a decree about this. To protect them? But it looks like for the mainstream Turkish media it is fun to fuel the anger all the time.
Read Hurriyet.

Police of Openess...

You can say a lot about Sarkozy's stance against Turkey's EU membership, but the guy has a domestic and economical agenda as well. Of his 33-person cabinet, 11 are women, 20% are from the left. And Rachida Dati, Rama Yade and Fadela Amara have one thing in common: They're women, they're from minority backgrounds and they're feminists. So, a woman from the Maghreb region of North Africa is now in charge of the Justice Ministry on Place Vendôme, a woman born in Senegal is responsible for human rights issues in the Foreign Ministry on the Quai d'Orsay and a woman of Algerian descent is to henceforth devote herself to the socially disadvantaged in the banlieues.

France's newly appointed Justice Minister Rachida Dati, and Rama Yade, new junior minister for human rights.

And Socialist politician and human rights activist Bernard Kouchner is now Minister of Foreign Affairs!!
Imagine...AKP wins the absolute majority in the parliament and asks Baykal to become Foreign Minister...and asks 10 women from the CHP, DP and MHP to join his new cabinet...