Friday, December 07, 2007

Turkish police and taxi drivers

When I read on holiday sites about Turkish taxi drivers that they are a bunch of cowboy's, forget it: they are wonderful comparing with taxi drivers elsewhere. Read here my opinion.
The same with police men/women. They have a bad imago, but in reality, they are more friendly than those in other countries I've been. Only don't ask them the way, when you are lost, they simple don't know...
I have some good experiences with them. And yesterday, when my wife had an accident, they called her when she was at home: if she was safely arrived and was doing well? Yes, this makes them unique, and they deserve a better salary than what they get paid. The screamers in Turkey that they have a right in the EU, they don't belong there, but the ordinary Turks, who struggle day by day, they deserve a better life, with or without the EU.

Day Opening - December 7

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