Monday, July 16, 2007

The Turkish and Dutch politics..

...are for sure not compatible. First of all we don't have a threshold, and second the Dutch politics are all about consensus, compromise and negotiations: what the parties promised can only be realized if they are part of the government, and willing to negotiate about which promises they can fulfil and which not. It's an interesting game but the government in the end represents the majority of the voters. A minority cabinet with the support of individual members of other parties are a rarity in Dutch history.
In 1992, for the first time ever, the moderate right liberal party, the VVD, together with the moderate socialist of the PvdA - and as binding factor the social liberal D66 - formed a government without any of the Christian parties. This cabinet lasted for 8 years, surviving one election. And it was the first time that none of the Christian parties were represented in the government. It was called the Third Way, (I don't agree that Mussolini was a represent of the Third Way, but wikipedia is an open source) together with Blair's policies by then and Clinton's views about how the world can be governed. The 9/11 attacks destroyed the hope for another world, and the radicalisation within some Muslim communities until today, broke the last stray.
Today Turkey is making itself up for the next elections, and suddenly I found myself surrounded by information about Baskin Oran. Exactly one of the persons of this Third Way.
Read here an interesting overview about his pragmatic views. And here is his web site.
He can make the difference.
At least, his ideas are not radical comparing with contemporary Turkish political parties.


A really great ad of Canon.

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