Sunday, December 09, 2007

Offensive or an insult

The German Sculptor, Olaf Metzel, made this sculpture and called it 'Turkish Delight'. Its placed on the campus of an university in Vienna, Austria.
Personally, it not my taste, but I don't see that this sculpture has to be removed what several Austrian citizens of Turkish decent asked for. Is it insulting? No, in my opinion. Can you be offended by this? I really don't know. But there is a fine line between insulting and feeling offended. I saw horrible sculptures about the holocaust, terrible sculptures about all kind of tragic events in world history. But when we are going to mengle in artistic freedom...that's the beginning of the end. That this sculpture is provocative, nothing wrong with. But nothing offensive, and for sure not insulting. I saw terrible insulting cartoons about European leaders etc. here in Turkey. For me is the fine line between insulting and offending a simple one: the first is to harm someone on purpose. The second too often used too break down any form of dialogue. And more a personal reaction on something you dislike.
Also...too much attention for this provocative guy, Olaf Metzel.

Day Opening - December 9

Dutch Antilles, South America.

The Dutch Antilles are a a well known place as a stop for cruises.