Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fire Fighting in Bodrum, Turkey

In Greece almost 300.000 hectares are destroyed by (wild) fires. Turkey is battling as well, although not on that large scale as in Greece.
Here a fireman in action near Bodrum: one hotel and two hectares were burnt down.

World Peace Day is on September 21

...but Djivan Gasparyan from Armenia and the Turkish vocalist Yavuz Bingöl already gave together yesterday (Saturday) a concert in Istanbul and today in Ankara.
Peace starts with performing arts together, sports and later, later, in the end...some politicians will follow.

“We have lived together for so long; we don't need a mediator. We are able to resolve our problems if we want to. The time has come to set fighting aside. We should raise the next generations with brotherhood not with enmity. “Identity and sense of belonging are futile. When I blow into the düdük, I feel a heavenly joy of love, peace, serenity and fraternity running through my cells. Politics and borders are far from my magical world.” (D. Gasparyan)

Here is the article.