Monday, July 02, 2007

Road trips, 9/11

What I miss about the USA are the road trips: driving in 5 days from downtown Miami to Kansas City for a wedding, and back.
September 2001. Wedding was on Saturday, September the 8th, so we left by car on September the 6th on Thursday, and arrived on the 7th after a 24 hrs. drive on Friday there. Exactly in 24 hrs: 1800 miles.
The weekend there, and some rest. Nice wedding.
On the 10th of September, Monday back. This time we decided to have a break in Atlanta.
We made it, in 12 hrs. Found ourselves a good hotel, and the next day on our way back to the South and the heath. Since Maria worked for CNN for 8 years we planned to visit friends at CNN. But we were late.
We drove our car on the road, turned the radio on, and..that was 9.18 it... 9/11.
The road from Atlanta to Miami was empty, 1.100 miles...we made it for the 8PM news.
I shall never forget that day. What a madness.
And it still lingers on.

Turkish and Turkishness 2

All of you:
Asked, especially the Turkish readers what now Turkishness means.
No, not one of you you came with an answer.
Tomorrow another person, Professor Aytal will be put on trial for 'insulting Ataturk'.
A good writer and friend of mine wrote a column about it. Read it here.

And out of the blue, a friendly person specialised in linguistics replied to my post of the 8th of June.
Here her responds to my questions.