Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Winter has arrived in Yerevan

Last Saturday we had the first snow of this winter in Yerevan. It snowed all day, but in the lower lying parts of the city the snow melted pretty soon. In the highest parts of the city it snowed at least 5cms. Since Saturday we've had a drop in temperature as well: During the day it is just above freezing. Snow seems to have come rather early this year, because usually it doesn't start to snow until mid-December. We'll see what the weather brings in the next weeks.

I am still surprised at how fast seasons change in Armenia, or at least in Yerevan. Usually spring and fall last a few weeks (a few being less than a month). Within two or three weeks the weather can change from winter to summer or the other way around. This year I had the feeling, though that fall lasted longer than usual.

Day Opening - November 27

Sydney, Opera house.