Friday, November 23, 2007

A milestone

Today the we got a visitor of Guatemala. Exactly a visitor from a country where I've been on my first trip to Mexico some 20 years ago. The trip from Mexico DF, to Guatemala was an interesting one; by bus, through the wilderness. A country which by that time was torned by a civil war. The USA didn't play a nice game there, in contrary, it was a nasty game. This person from Guatemala made this blog more international: we have now visitors from 100 different countries in a very short period of time, starting mid July 2007.
With almost 25.000 hits since July 17, 2007, we are growing, up to an average of 300-400 hits a day. Hope by the end of this year we will grow to 500 a day and next year up to 1.000 a day. Most of the content here is original. No dump junk links.
Thanks to the co bloggers, and especially to my I-net guru Priyank.
The information on the bar on the right part of this blog is not updated since mid October, due to the fact that none of the bloggers here have 'administrators features'. Thought beginning of this week that it was solved, but no. Still not.
Yasemin is not a co blogger anymore. Bea, an American living in Turkey for a long time is the new co blogger here. And there will be more space for guest writers.
Thanks to all the readers. We love your comments and suggestions


Before Metin left for his family to get in a 'Turkey coma' (people get that while eating Turkey) he wrote a nice posting on his blog: Turkey's Genocide (an annual one). Funny to read, but oh so true: 50 million Turkey's slaughtered each year...
Btw, today, is Metin's birthday. Guess how old? Congratulations!!!

An ordinary Dutch

This is Manon Thomas. An ordinary Dutch woman. Age: 44.
I think Dutch women in general look younger than they are.

Day Opening - November 23

Pictures of South Africa.