Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Paintings of Iman Maleki of Iran - Exhibition in Catalonia




Secret meeting: making music

Girl by the window

More information about Iman Maleki soon.

FIFA ranking by July the 18th 2007..

Where is Turkey..)) Where are England and Greece, the European Champions of Euro 2004?
But there is still the Netherlands..)

1. Brazil
2. Argentina
3. Italy
4. France
5. Germany
6. The Netherlands
7. Croatia
8. Portugal
9. Spain
10. Mexico

The insignificant citizens of Turkey

Who are they? Of course us, the ones that live in other countries. We are many, I guess, but we cannot vote in the coming elections unless we travel to Turkey between 25th of June and 22nd of July. Many countries let their citizens vote by post or at their embassies/consulates, but we, the Turkish citizens, are not given this right. Why??

Al-Qaeda and the USA

According to the National Intelligence Estimate, the group of all 16 'intelligence' agencies such as the CIA, NSA, FBI, etc., Al-Qaeda-Iraq, established after the USA-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, became more and more a threat to their Homeland = USA.
So the second goal of the invasion is also a took them 4 years to come to this conclusion. Is this a joke?

First post from Florence

Hello all. Hans has been kind enough to introduce me. I should correct just one thing: I am not that fluent in German; although I have studied it for 6 years as my second foreign language I have never practiced it. I use it only in my occasional trips to Germany to talk to waiters at the cafes and restaurants, and for communicating with shop assistants. Yet, I should admit that it was great help in learning Norwegian since their grammars are alike and there are quite a few similar words.

I don't think I will be posting as often as Hans, I don't even manage posting to my own blog very often, but I will definitely continue editing his posts and helping him technically whenever he needs my help.

An excellent polemic

Burak Bekdil wrote today an excellent column as a reply to Mustafa Akyol's column of last week. This is an excellent polemic, where the journalists are not insulting, not becoming personal but give their opinions from their points of view, and share them with their audience of TDN.
Now it's waiting on a reply of Mustafa. Excellent writing by the both of them.

Here is the column of Burak:

The sum of all secular fears – a reply
Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Last week, my ‘column neighbor’ Mustafa Akyol drew a very realistic typology: The secular Turk. That typology is so real, but does not explain Turkey as a whole. Hoping to make the picture more complete, I shall draw my typology: The Islamist/pragmatist Turk.

My “column neighbor” Mustafa Akyol wrote an excellent article titled, “The sum of all secular fears,” (Turkish Daily News, July 12, 2007) that was witty yet realistic; perfectly describing, in one virtual character that was the “secular Turk” coming home from a trip to “the West” with his girlfriend with fake blond hair, the superficiality of the “white Turk.” Mr. Akyol's account of the “secular Turk” in stylish jeans and t-shirt could not possibly be more accurate.
Allow me to remind you of Mr. Akyol's hero, the secular Turk, who takes a vacation to visit some place in Europe or North America: He is the boyfriend of the elegant girl with fake blond hair; he gets offended when the “indigenous westerner” he chats with during the flight believes all Turks wear fez or turbans; he believes in the Kemalist revolution “which worked really hard to wipe off anything Oriental from Turkish society;” he comes across terribly unpleasant scenes at Istanbul's Ataturk airport upon his return from the days of pilgrimage to the temples of modernity: Men with beards who prefer mosques to nightclubs and women with headscarves who as their role model take Prophet Mohammed's daughters and not Britney Spears; he calls these devout Muslims “cockroaches.”

reading here.