Friday, June 08, 2007

Typical Turkish or Turkishness...what's the difference?

One of the things I don't understand in Turkey is the word 'Turkishness'.
I know what is 'typical Turkish', like hospitality, pride, raki or baklava, but asking around, nobody could give a clear answer. If someone is telling me "you are typical Dutch (stingy, multi lingual, or whatever)", I respond: "Yes, so what?".
Turkishness sounds also something like some kind of race, and then not the inferior one...
Anyone out there to give me an answer on this?

More about Nebahat Albayrak

Studied International law in the Netherlands. And was one year guest student in Ankara, and two years in Paris.

Her father was a wharf builder, both her grandfathers were farmers in Turkey. She is not married. And she doesn't have children.

Interesting to mention that the party she is elected for strongly urged Turkey for an independent research about the Armenian democide: if this can be called Genocide in the sense of pure legal terms. Also, the outcome of this research must be accepted by Turkey and Armenia.

Promotion pictures of Turkey

The famous Janissary Band if front of Dolmabahce Palace. Where dinner will be served on the first evening of the conference!

On the right the silhouettes of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

Below on the left, the city of Ankara.

Pictures are made for the booklet of a conference which I will attend next week in Istanbul: 2nd Istanbul Conference on Democracy and Global Security. Organized by the Turkish Police Force: NPD.