Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Wall

While some Turkish people are still glorifying being a conqueror of parts of Central Asia and South East and Central Europe, the same people neglect what they inherited.
I was clear in my column of March the 15th 2007 about this.

When the Ottoman Empire was at its peak, the Ming Dynasty was that as well. The Great Wall is still standing. And the Japanese were building their own Empire which lasted until 1945, and the Dutch were ruling the seas in the 16/17th century for more than 100 years.
The Great Wall, being built against intruders, and the Delta Works of the Netherlands, are still the only sites, built by mankind, which you can see from the Moon.


Fake ad of Sisley (Benetton).
Read here their statement.

Paying for your residency

When you are staying longer than 3 months in Turkey, without traveling abroad, you need a residence permit. I used my residence book only in 2004/2005. Since I traveled a lot, it was easier for me to buy a visa every three months. Costs: 10 Euros.
A residence permit costs a Dutch 220 Euros for 6 months. For 5 years: 1.100 Euros.
An Italian can buy one for 60 Euros, valid for 5 years. A big difference.
Next to me there was a guy from Greece, he didn't know this. I am curious what he had to pay.
It's not always easy for Turks to get a visa for Europe, but at least you don't pay.