Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The day when the Profs of PSV made kebab of Galatasaray

Last year, PSV Eindhoven of the Netherlands, had to play against the babies of Galatasaray of Turkey in the Champions League.
The first match between the two was in Istanbul, in November. A (Dutch) friend of mine and a Turkish friend met with each other at a nice cafe. After that, she (the Turkish Galatasaray supporter) had to leave. But she arranged for us a ride to a Galatasaray fan club cafe in Etiler. Have to tell you that this Dutch friend didn't know the sensitiveness of the Turks regarding football...
Anyway, we managed to be there on time, and soon the babies of GS scored a goal: 1-0!
The people in the cafe were yelling and screaming like a bunch of kids who just won the World Cup for players beneath 12 years..))
Then, the Dutch scored a goal: 1-1, and my friend was yelling and waving, and everybody was silent and looking at us...
It became worse: PSV made 1-2, and my dear Dutch friend, who was born in Eindhoven where PSV is from, jumped on the table and was cheering: 'more, more!'. I don't have to explain you how the people in the cafe were looking...
Anyway, later that season, AZ of Alkmaar of the Netherlands kicked Fenerbahce and Kayserispor from Turkey out of the UEFA cup..))
I am waiting for a game between the only real club in the world AJAX and GS or FB.....

Was Ataturk a Besiktas fan?

Yesterday I took a taxi from Levent 1. to Maçka. Suddenly we passed one of the many statues of Ataturk in Etiler. With the words I really could not translate. But several times the word Besiktas popped up. "Was Ataturk a Besiktas fan?", I asked the taxi driver, who gave me a big smile only and mumbled something like 'Fenerbahce'...
Most of the taxi drivers in Istanbul are Fenerbahce fans, some support Besiktas, and almost no Galatasaray fans. But this week I met a fanatic Trabzonspor fan!
As some of you know, I am a fan of Besiktas. Galatasaray is for the wannabees, Fenerbahce for the people who made a lot of noise but without really thinking what they are doing (look how they are play..!!) but the Eagles are for the real men like me...))
I think Ataturk would agree on this one with me..))

A notorious liar

By calling the people who made a video with his latest hit as 'The ones who made it have no character. It’s not suitable with my character and beliefs', he is a real joker. Okay, take away the video, and listen to his song only. A song where he implicitly is telling that people like the murdered Hrant Dink have to watch out.

In an interview with Today's Zaman he explicitly said: “I desired to attract attention to the games being played with the Black Sea region. I have similar songs in my other recordings. This one is misinterpreted. I received a lot of congratulatory messages from the public after my recording was released a week ago.

Türüt claimed that Greece and Russia have designs on the Turkish Black Sea region and plans to divide the country and that’s what concerns him.
This shows exactly his paranoid mind.

Read here the full article.