Friday, November 16, 2007

Today meetings

Today for the first time after 2 1/2 weeks inside and went out the house. Had some short business meetings and two private; this morning I had a really nice meeting and chat with Bea. A pity that we meet now, since she will return soon to the USA. But we will meet again soon...we have a lot to gosssip. Unfortunate, she lives on the Asian side, where I really don't know the way. I am only familiar with Moda since my in-laws are living there.

This afternoon I went with a friend to a Lancia dealer to have a look at the new Lancia, the Ypsilon. A cute small car but very well designed car, especially inside. Some things remembered me of a Bentley: not that many digital stuff, but antique designed clocks and other displays. And the car has two colors: partly black and partly grey. And we had great fun with the sales girl. We two Dutch men; my friend speaking fluent Turkish and I asking her all the time questions in Italian...too bad for her, that we left for a while to have a serious look at the Alpha Romeo's in the showroom next to her, where we also were approached by the sales people of Fiat. You know, they are all Italian... But not one Mazzeratie, Lamborghini or Ferrari there..(( Btw, before we went in the showroom we brutally parked my friend 4x4 huge Lincoln Navigator in front of their showroom...indeed, very asocial...
In the end, the girl 'convinced' us to buy the Lancia (she was all the time speaking to my friend if he was my 'driver') which he was for one day, lucky him.
Tomorrow I will go back for a test drive (remember, I never drove 10 meters in Istanbul - so a lot can happen)...

Smoking in Turkey

Turkey is a smoking country, and a country of 'Smoking Guns' ...once and a while.
Lately I had diner with some friends, close ones. We had a nice chat, but what bothers me was when someone finnished diner, and others are not ready for the next round, they start smoking...and the smoke is send to you in peace to your face...I am a avid smoker but this too much for appetite is like snow in the Sahara desert...But can I complain? No.
But there is another thing what bothers me in the Smoking Industry of Turkey: you don't find good lighters. You can buy them cheap; 1 YTL. But the life of a lighter is not predictable ...sometimes 4 days, sometimes 4 weeks...Exactly the Life of a smoker...

A Real Lady

This is Derya, one of the bloggers of this blog. Just get ready for work (she takes care of the properties of the rich and famous on this earth: from Dubai.
Just sitting in her Lincoln Navigator (little girls in big cars...I witnessed this phenomena the first time in Miami..). Check out her blog.

Day Opening - November 16

Portraits, women of the world...