Friday, May 18, 2007

Greek Name Days

St. Constantinus and St. Helen.

Greeks have 'name days' besides birthdays as nearly each day of the year is dedicated to one of the Christian saints.
So, the day you are born means: you have a birthday and a name day related to that Saint of that particular day you are born on.
Although birthdays became more common, name days are still celebrated.
Yes, the Greek Orthodox religion plays a significant part in the lives of the Orthodox Greeks.
Click here for a list of name days. Or this more specific list.

Happy Merger? Happy Marriage?

This doesn't look like a happy "collaboration". And the two guys don't look happy at all. I am curious if they have ever heard about 'campaign strategies', or 'communication management'. Looks like these people still believe in the 'communistic strategies' instead of listening to their voters.
I simply can not understand why this kind of politicians attract voters. And for your and their information: the Cold War is over! Looks like they bring this war within Turkish borders...

The ongoing debate

On the ongoing debate in Turkey about which party is reliable and which is not, the following article is interesting, click here.

The author is a former member of the General Assembly and Executive Board of the CHP.