Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Time can make you Happy

In 1999, I started a yahoo group. One of the first members and later moderators is Johanna from a place in the centre of Finland. Above a picture of her. Made several years ago. Not always happy, but determined to make something out of her life.

Then she disappeared, but came back with a beautiful message and picture: her son:
Miika Jaakko Sakari.

Here Johanna with her Miiki.
A happy family, with her boyfriend and child. And peaceful rest. Time can do so much, but think in the positive direction.


Valerie said...

Be lucky with these kind of friends.
She looks beautiful, so her son.

Tufan said...

wow....what a beautiful mother and story!
Wish you all the Sunshine from SF!

Sincerae (means "Morningstar") said...

She's pretty, and the baby is such a doll in the second photo. Cute! A very heartwarming story, Hans:)