Friday, September 14, 2007

I am a REDHEADED person

"Hans, since u are a christian man married to a Muslim woman, then u actually do not know what u're talking about!! this marriage is not right according to both Islamic and christian rulings, which means that u don't respect neither ur religion, nor the other's religion.Hans, do u believe in justice, and freedom ,or u're like those redheaded in turkey?!! '

I made a comment about the Muslim Brotherhood on Sondos' blog, and got this (anonymous) reply back. When I first saw it, I thought: wow, how nice. Then, I saw that this person writes Muslim with a capital and Christian without. The hate over there in Egypt against Christians (especially Copt) is obvious.
Although I think that 'Sondos' is a witty and intelligent woman, she defends the Muslim Brotherhood as they are like some kind of peacemakers. And in the meanwhile, she defends that violence against the 1948 'invaders' (read Jews) are legitimate. In my humble opinion: The Arabs invaded Jerusalem!
Sondos, I have Turkish Muslim friends who are married to Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Jews, Protestants, Bahia's, Atheists, Armenian Orthodox and Buddhists. Do you have them as well? Or are the MB and Hamas their racist ideology your only guidance?
Ever notice that a civil marriage is legal?

Sondos: Do you want to convert Julius Cesar and Shakespeare to Islam too?.....Oops, I get emotional, but insults and stupid comments like the one above are not for us, we, me.
And don't use Turkey as an example a proxy for your blood hunt against everything who is non Muslim.