Saturday, August 04, 2007

Gay Pride Amsterdam

These are the last pictures of Gay Pride Amsterdam 2007. And as you can see, a lot of women feel more safe among gays than among heterosexual men...

The Pink Police at work.

Here is an article in the International Herald Tribune.

Street festival on the Amstelveld, Amsterdam.

Muslim extremist as a consultant for Dutch Government

Mrs. Vogelaar, Dutch minister of Integration keeps on talking with an extremist Muslim!

A head piece of the fundamentalist Muslim brotherhood appears recently as an official speaker with the Dutch government. Yahia Bouyafa, a 45 year old person who was born in Morocco, has been recently appointed as President of the contact group Islam (CGI the Netherlands) as a continuation of the Germany imam swerved Abdullah Haselhoef. Bouyafa emerge in studies of information services into branches of the Muslim brotherhood. The movement strives for Islamic world predominance.
The anti-immigration party PVV and the moderate liberal party VVD sent questions to the parliament.

As Emre praised her in his post, he might not be amused with this news.