Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What I missed in the Turkish press

The hero of Turkey, the new elected French President, Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy, had a meeting last week at the G-9 with the President of Russia, Putin. Sarkozy arrived too late at the press conference, forgot to put in his ear the device for translation, and was significantly in a good mood. For sure, he didn't drink water, but some strong liquor. Nothing bad about that, but it was all over the news in Europe, except not in Turkey, where the guy is considered as a hero..))

Fun stuff

This picture is for all the lonely Turkish men. Made in a suburb of Rio! What can you find then downtown...up to your imagination guys...

Stole this picture from a blog of SA, yes, Turkish people have to laugh more. Therefore I put this one here. What can a banana do to your soul?

Two Gentlemen

You see, they look serious, as they both met at so many occasions. And I bet you, Jaap rather talks with politicians than with generals. And Gul is right that in the NATO-EU conferences, Turkey can not be left out.
What bothers me are the senseless accusations by Turkish generals, that European countries are financing and helping the PKK.
And last but not the least, Cyprus can never be a member of the NATO as long as there is no settlement. It would paralyze the NATO completely. Enough problems already within the EU.
And Jaap knows this...