Thursday, May 03, 2007

How to address a nation II

More than 80% of our communication is non-verbal. And therefore propaganda is a dangerous tool as I stated in my article of Wednesday, April 24th.

Enfin, wanted to write down here why T.E. Erdogan missed a Golden Goal this week Monday when he made a speech on Television. But my computer is not listening to me anymore. Will bring it to the Laptop Hospital tonight.

Until later!

Festivals for free

One of the things I miss of the Netherlands are the festivals, which are for free. Not only on Queen's Day but also random. And especially with the Uitmarkt in Amsterdam, the opening of the new cultural season at the end of August is 4 days fun.
The Boulevard of Broken Dreams started there.

It's all so double

Two years ago, I think, I spoke with a Turkish-Armenian and recently with a Greek Orthodox. But I asked a simple question: "How is life for you in Turkey?". And both gave the same answer: more relaxed.
But when I talked with several Christians here, they started to complain, and were scared. And had the feeling that it became not easier for them under this regime.

Being other than a Muslim and expressing this openly became a big deal. Being other than a Turk is another case. Life is easy. But it's again religion which divides us, while the purpose of religion is joy and bringing people together.