Wednesday, June 27, 2007

America falls in Love with Africa

Yes, the Banana Republic...keep on shopping.

Freaking Hot!

It's so freaking warm in Turkey, that even the flowers are starting to sweat...
Istanbul today, 38 degrees, no wind, and a forecast which only says: no rain in the next 10 days...
Maybe a voodoo-do-do witch can make some rain...

Since when... Turkey defining who is the head of the Greek Orthodox Church? Read it here.
It's obvious, that the so many called reforms and law implementations, after 1923 became anachronistic. The Constitutional Court in Ankara say simply that all religions fall under the rules of Religious (Islamic) Directorate of Turkey.
Athens came today with a clear and logical answer, read it here.

Media rows

While there is some kind of row between Turkey and Germany about 'teen Marco', a more serious row started with the publication of Merkel breastfeeding the twin brothers Kaczynski (one is president and the other PM of Poland) in Polish magazine Wprost. All about the fact that Poland, since they became member of the EU, demands more and more of the EU. Already the biggest beneficiary of the EU, they want more 'a have to say'. In contrary, Poland became within the EU increasingly unpopular. Their human rights record is terrible, especially regarding homosexuals, gypsies, Jews etc. But Germany still feels a 'guilt' against Poland since they invaded that country in 1939. And the far right populist twin brothers know this very well. Read here more about this dispute.

Maybe Ali Babacan must play a different card from now. Which one? Will tell you after he made his call to me..))