Saturday, August 11, 2007

My friend

And yes, she is here again. Flying! Today she took off with her mother for a 21 day visit to India.
Born in Suriname, grown up in the Netherlands but her roots are there.

I like this picture. Heeee Sandra, Red was a better color!

And guys, don't argue with her, she will hit you there exactly where you don't want to get hurt..))

E-governance Turkey

Yesterday I read a story in one of the main stream Turkish newspapers that Turkey was among the top-ten countries world wide in E-governance. I think they made a simple mistake: Turkey ranks among the top-ten in E-governance in developing countries.
In his 'piece', the journalist didn't provide any links or details. Only that Germany and Switzerland were behind Turkey. And in his excitement, he wrote a name of a company which did the research; a company which is untraceable! Turkish people deserve better than this fake bragging.

I remember a conversation with a dear friend of mine in the Netherlands. The founder of the IT Trend Institute of KPMG. He was approached for a project of e-governance in Turkey about one year ago. But he refused it since 'they' as he said, 'don't know what they are talking about'.

In the survey of this company even E-stonia wasn't mentioned, or Finland.

Turkey can be a major player, or let me say, a nearby outsource country for ICT. But a lack of self confidence from Turkey's side and no knowledge about the possibilities in Turkey in Europe and USA on the other side, favors Romania's position.