Sunday, December 16, 2007

How brain dead you can be...

Here is our friend, Ali Kulebi. Again with an article for which he would be prosecuted under several international laws for inciting hate, giving false information and providing fake statements to provoke war. But the guy seems to be a hero for some Turks. And for sure, he hates everything which is not 'Turkic':

Today the primary and the particular threat for Turkey is not the Middle Eastern or Near Eastern countries where our brothers live but it is Greece, which aims to weaken us by every means and supports the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), and which overcharges us at every international platform, and makes alliances with our neighboring countries against us. It is absolutely clear that if Greece believes that it has reached our military power at one day, it would certainly attack Turkey without any question.

That he can write this statements freely in Turkish Daily News, shows how mature this newspaper is. But at the same time, how immature he is.

My dear friend Erkan wrote on his blog that I am biased against Turkey-EU. Yep, I became since Turkey is biased about everything which has to do with the EU, USA, in fact the whole world...'Give up your arms' and 'Make Peace not War'...would be an proper strategy for Turkish foreign policy.

Here Ali his points.

Smoking in Turkey

For people who came to Istanbul, these kind of taxi's is familiar for them: the Tufas.Lined up here at a taxi place.
They were (and are) still cheap. But several things changed dramatically.
First, there is a legal ban of smoking in taxi's, both for the driver's as the passengers as well. And second, the Tufas is not there anymore. Most taxi's are now Fiat's, Honda's and even VW's etc.
And about smoking in taxis', just asked the driver if you can light up a cigarette, he will do it as well, as he will be relieved by the words: 'Can I smoke'. Most of the time he will offer you a cigarette and show a hidden ashtray..))

Day Opening - December 16

The Amalfi coast is maybe the most beautiful areas in the world I've travelled to and through.

Its extraordinary coastline, mixed with the beautiful Mediterranean sea, and its extra ordinary views, makes this part of Italy a 'go-go' place.

The Amalfi coast is often used in famous movies...we can mention some big names..))
Its' fun to drive there, but be sure that you drive on the right side of of the road. Some British tourist are sometimes so confused because of all the beauty...they take the wrong lane..

One of the most beautiful points.

Can you live here?
I have amazing pictures of the Greece Islands. But too bad, not that many of the Turkish touristic areas, which are polluted, spoiled, and desolated by their owners.