Monday, July 23, 2007

Showing maturity

Did I miss something? It is normal when a party wins an election the other party leaders send their congratulations to the leader of the winning party, or not? I didn't have seen such a move from neither Baykal nor Bah├želi. Showing respect for the winner? When I watched this evening a program a CHP guy simply said that the AKP didn't win the election. Maybe I can not count but 47% of the votes is a landslide victory. And, it looks like Deniz Baykal will stay. He looks like a gentleman but he doesn't behave accordingly.
Erdogan, yesterday evening, spoke words of reconciliation... thanking everybody.
Did Mr. Baykal thank his voters? No. What an arrogance. He is a shame for the Socialist Internationale.
Note: Today Deniz Baykal thanked his voters and congratulated his opponent (a little late in my opinion). But no resign or stepping back.

Stoning in Iran

Two and a half weeks ago Jafar Kiani is reported to have been executed by stoning outside the city of Takestan in Iran on 5th of July. Mr. Kiani was sentenced to death for having an extramarital affair with Mokarrameh Ebrahimi.
The EU is concerned that Mokarrameh Ebrahimi, the mother of the couple’s two children, will suffer the same fate. Women are buried until their breast in the ground before the killing can be started, as you can see in the picture. More info here. Or here.
In the meanwhile all kinds of business circles in Turkey and the government are making all kinds of business deals with the Mullahs in Tehran. Also, starting today, the 'religious police' will control more if women and men are dressed appropriately and if their hair is cut according to Islamic standards, whatever that means.