Sunday, October 07, 2007


The last 20 years I was wondering who can issue a fatwa, and who are authorized to do so? So many ridiculous of these kinds of 'verdicts' are issued in the last years.
Here is a list of fatwas, I don't know if we have to take them seriously. And here is a fatwa against naked sex...
But Saudi Arabia came with a solution: a web site with authorized fatwas. A pity that the site is in Arabic only...
Although the Saudi authorities announced to modernize their judiciary, they started this week with giving two gay men each 7.000 lashes. Do you survive that?

Hacking, spam etc.

We always appreciate the comments of people, but discovering this morning that an anonymous person left more than 25, all the same, comments here is annoying. What's the fun about that?
Allowing bloggers only to leave comments is not an option. Many people don't have a blog, but that doesn't mean that they don't have anything worth reading to see.

Day opening - October 7

Belly dancer, Turkey