Sunday, September 23, 2007

Turkish PR of just Spam

Account Status Notification

We are contacting you to remind you that our Account Review Team identified some unusual activity in your account. In accordance with Isbank Internet Banking User Agreement and to ensure that your account has not been accessed from fraudulent locations, access to your account has been limited. Your account access will remain limited until this issue has been resolved please log in your account by clicking on the link below:

Online Security Team
Isbank Internet Banking.
Türkiye Is Bankasi A.S.

I found this email in my inbox. Yes, I know Türkiye Is Bankasi, but I don't have an account there!
I am curious about how they got my email address. I have the email address that they have used, since 9 years, but barely used it the last years. Is this the new way of doing PR in Turkey or a simple Spam?...


archisugar said...

looks like a spam. :-)

Murat C. said...

Hans, my friend (yes I can call you that since I see how genuine, honest and patient you are with my fellow Turks...).
See this email as spam. Probably they want you as a client, if I am not mistaken…))

Let me introduce myself to you: I am a member of a Turkish well known business associations. And on behalf of many fellow members I want to express our gratitude to your efforts in creating a blog where exchange of ideas and visions with our neighbors are possible.
Next to this, I feel sadness how you have been treated by fellow bloggers. Today I went over your blog roll and I read your comments on this Istabulian blog and I must say, I am shocked. First of all: Emre, writes with a lack of knowledge on his blog about issues which matters for us, but screwed up the facts with wishful thinking. Secondly, it looks like that he wants to impress you and gives you a special treatment. But be aware, his tone is that of his ‘educators’: dictatorial.
But at the same time, he will bow for any government official when he has to interview them. So, my advice, don’t go into debate with this person since he is not worth it. His headings on his blogs, shows that he is not interested at all in Turkey and Turkish business problems. His goal is to get attention, with statements a high school kid here in the USA will be reprimanded by his teacher.
I will post this comment under my name Murat C. on your blog and Emre his blog as well. I apologize for his writings.

Sean Jeating said...

A spam is a spam is a spam.

And now for something completely different. :)

With great pleasure I read the beginning of your comment, Murat.

Indeed, I do think what Hans and his fellow bloggers are trying is worth a praise.

Your opinion about Emre's style of dialogue: d'accord.

Your advice, though, to ignore him, sounds not wise.

As long as people having a (completely) different background (due to their education, lifestyle, convictions etc.) are talking to one another, it is ... good.

It is not a matter of persuading, but a matter of convincing.

It is a matter of tolerance the sister of which is tactfulness.

With respect,

The Peace of the Night.

Tufan said...

Dear Sean,
Maybe you have the tact and wisdom to explain complicated situations. But headings like Emre made, now and in the past, doesn't serve our case as Turks living and working abroad.
Sooner or later this kind of journalism will be picked up by European and American journalists, and the loosers are we, Turkish people who make a living abroad.
And this guy is ruining our reputation; he is so insulting about everything which is European or USA (he even doesn't know that the EU is an union, not a state).
He explains with 1% knowledge, 100% of a case....