Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hi-Ha-Ho The Soprano....ss

Okay, we know by now that the Americans are obsessed about the mob, sorry, Italians. But giving the Sopranos an Emmy...?
I always thought that Americans loved Peyton Place, Dallas, Jerry Springer, Bill Cosby, Married with Children and more of these nice all-American shows, especially the ones with a Hallmark Trade Mark...)) And telling that Big Brother is Euro trash (Sen. Graigh..)), a Dutch Show...aiii
Okay, the Godfather was a great movie, but awarding again a mob drama...no, therefore I love CSI Miami, Prison Break, Cold Case, Without a Trace etc. too much.
I am for the good guys..)) Sorry Metin!!


Anonymous said...

I will leave you with the comments made by David Chase, the show's creator, after winning the Emmy:

"In essence, this is a story about a gangster, And gangsters are out there taking their kids to college and taking their kids to school, and putting food on their table."

"And, hell, let's face it, if the world and this nation was run by gangsters"

. . .

"maybe it is."

mirdifderya said...

Sopranos won the Emmy for Drama:)

sincerae said...

American television executives need to encourage producers to create shows that are last like soap operas and less crime oriented. Since I was a child I continue to see themes that are recycled over and over again. They get slicker by the decade. But still it is just the same old, same old. I like some of these shows, I admit, but I just wish the American public were exposed to shows with a bigger, less insulated perspective. I wish we could move beyond stereotypes. Of course, it is all about what makes the most bucks. Some very well produced shows which are not so salacious just don't do well, which is unfortunate. I have been a big fan of BBC dramas and shows for a long time now because I don't get fed what I like from US TV.

Hans said...

You are right Sincerae, the Tudors for example! And many co productions with Granada from Canada (which is not the USA Metin..))
Metin, I leave you with 'his' comments..))

Idil said...

Sopranos is an amazing show. Only those with real vision can appreciate it Hans :P
I've adored it ever since it first aired and I think they deserved the tribute and Emmy that they received.
Lets not get all jealous because you didn't get one Hans ;)

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

My dear idil,
You dont have to show here that 'Belgs' have a bad taste..)))

Anonymous said...

Sopranos was never about violence and the mob.

It was about 'the family.'

If you can't see that, then you must be adopted in your thinking.


I am with Idil on this one!

Has anyone (really) figured out the ending by the way?

Hans said...

family life?
ever been in Palermo for a couple of months..)))
Turks are saints comparing with 'them'...
And Idil doesnt have taste..))
She is still a Belg...)))

Anonymous said...


Have you ever watched the show?

It's not about life in Palermo.

Its about a family in New Jersey.

Speaking of taste, do u like Belgian chocolate?

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Metin, of course I know that..))

No, I don'tt like belgium chocolates but like their Beer..))

Anonymous said...

You have taste my friend!


Hans said...

But don't like Belgium girls, they are ugly..))
Not Idil!!!