Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A notorious liar

By calling the people who made a video with his latest hit as 'The ones who made it have no character. It’s not suitable with my character and beliefs', he is a real joker. Okay, take away the video, and listen to his song only. A song where he implicitly is telling that people like the murdered Hrant Dink have to watch out.

In an interview with Today's Zaman he explicitly said: “I desired to attract attention to the games being played with the Black Sea region. I have similar songs in my other recordings. This one is misinterpreted. I received a lot of congratulatory messages from the public after my recording was released a week ago.

Türüt claimed that Greece and Russia have designs on the Turkish Black Sea region and plans to divide the country and that’s what concerns him.
This shows exactly his paranoid mind.

Read here the full article.


Tamar K. said...

As some Turkish fellow citizens still believe, we are under attack on a daily base. But they close their eyes for this 'innocent' behavior. What can I say?
I am a Turkish Armenian For Those who never read about Turkey.

Tufan said...

Is there nothing like something art. 301, which is there to protect people from insulting others? Or does this article only applies when someone 'insult' 'Turkishness'.
I feel embarrased..(
We Turks created such a narrow minded nation, and that's why a party as the AKP could win the elections...