Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Anyone interested in this....

...request, send Yasemin or me an email, and we will provide you with the email of Carl.
I think that this can be pretty cool for many bloggers; a lively discussion between the Netherlands and Turkey can be interesting.
The Dutch television station which will broadcast this, is one of the best in the Netherlands.
For some grumpy people among you: this is your chance to say something, without restriction but within the borders of common sense..))


Hans said...

We are expecting large numbers of participants, or do we have the 'fake' shyness into account..))

Jake said...

Hi Hans,

I'm very interested in this. How do I get involved.


Hans said...

Hi Jake,
Send me an email (which is on my blog) and I forward all thee info to you. Not so many people are yet involved. Yes Erkan and I tried some more.