Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What will happen with Brussels, the EU, Nato..))

For the past days King Albert II of Belgium has been consulting the members of the Crown Council. He is seeking their help to solve what the Royal Palace itself calls the Belgian "political crisis".
The last time the Belgian King summoned the Crown Council because he had lost confidence in the elected politicians was in 1960, during the crisis surrounding the independence of Belgium’s Congo colony.
Apart from 1960, the Crown Council has only convened on four occasions during Belgium’s 177 years of existence: in 1870 at the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War, in 1914 on the occasion of the German ultimatum to Belgium, in 1919 for the Treaty of Versailles, and in 1950 at the return from exile of Albert II and his father, King Leopold III, a notorious anti-Semitic Nazi collaborator.
Recently the conservative French newspaper Le Figaro published a column by Alexandre Adler in which Adler urged the French President Sarkozy to prepare for the annexation of Wallonia by France.
Adler said Sarkozy should not miss this historic opportunity "to govern an enlarged France". He referred to the example of former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, who in 1990 grabbed the opportunity to incorporate East Germany into the German Federal Republic.
Last week a survey in the Netherlands showed 77% of the Dutch in favor of reuniting the Netherlands and Flanders. It is becoming increasingly clear with every passing hour: Belgium will break up. The Flemish will join Holland and the Walloonies will re-join Froggystan.
And the Dutch can not make jokes about the Belgians anymore...


Idil said...

and I will once again end up with no home.. no one accepting poor idil.. I will miss Belgium. NOT :P
Turkey taken over by jewish arabs and Belgian being split in pieces. I'm not a lucky charm to my countries :)

Hans said...

you will feel home in an enlarged the Netherlands, and you can call me then 'my dear fellowman Hans..))

mirdifderya said...

so when I visit my aunt's will visit Netherlands not Belgium?:)

Hans said...

We can go back to the Early Netherlands, established by Johannes and Cornelis de Witt..))
My Name is Hans Johannes.A.H.Cornelis, so you know my background,
but I prefer that Belgium stay as it is..))

Tim said...

I don't think Belgium will split up, and if they do, they will not join the Netherlands. They will never be satisfied in becoming just a Dutch minority in stead of having their own parliament. The comparisson of the unification of Germany with Flanders/the Netherlands in the column by Adler is absurd, since Germany was split up against the will of the Germans by occupying countries. The fashion nowadays is fragmentation, leading to smaller states. Kosovo does not want to join Albania, but wants independency. Look at Montenegro, Chechnya, etc.
Personally, I don't mind having those Belgiums to join us ( I am Dutch myself), because they have better food, beer, and women, but I don't think it will happen!