Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fake ID's on Internet

Posing as a reputable company on the Internet is incredibly easy. In fact, building a seemingly legitimate corporate Web page can be as straightforward as copying and pasting from the real thing.
As a result, companies in the USA and West Europe are increasingly falling victim to fraudsters that are using "spoofed" e-mails and Websites to trick their customers into sharing credit card numbers and other personal information. These kinds of corporate identity attacks undermine customer confidence and loyalty, ultimately costing a business dearly in customer service issues, bad publicity and lost revenues.

But what about people acting on Internet using a fake identity?
The Dutch Minister of Justice, Mr. Ernst Hirsch Ballin announced earlier this week that there will be a new law in the Netherlands, which makes using a fake identity on Internet, with the sole purpose of having sex with children, illegal. Especially people who are in a chat box to seduce minors. In October it's expected that the EU will adapt this law for all the countries within the EU. But what about dating services, interactive (sex)blogs etc.? Curious what the next step will be.

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William Hermansen Lien said...

this big brother is gonna watch you..))