Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The AKP watch and Wordpress

Sean, who is living in Lower Saxony sent me a link. The creepy involvement of these idiots is scary. Here is the link.
Wordpress and the lawyer of this Adnan O. boggy guy, are not twisting in courts, it's a status quo: no solution expected soon.
After almost four weeks, no progress is made and I don't expect any solution soon.
Unless the Ombudsman, which was proposed by the AK party, but vetoed by former
President Sezer, becomes a law, then... only then, we can maybe expect something. And I am sure that the AK party has to show its true face.
It's now up to the AKP government to show how genuine they are...


William Hermansen Lien said...

Is there nobody at the moment in Turkey who can do something?
This is a weird situation.
have a nice day

Michael van der Galiën said...

i agree, very weird.
thanks for the update hans.

Hans said...

Still no access to your site Michael..((

Michael van der Galiën said...

I know. The strange thing is, my girlfriend can reach it every now and then. I also heard from someone that if one uses a governmental computer one cán access the site.