Thursday, August 09, 2007

This is not Turkish Delight...

Super Hero put a posting with the catchy title: sexual obsession on his blog.
I agree with him on many points, but as long as the the main Turkish press are putting these kind of filthy pictures in their newspapers, what can we expect?
Today, after work, at 5 PM, I did some shopping, and walked home. Suddenly in the middle of the street a guy was screaming and yelling. His eyes were full of hate. And he had something in his hands. The closer I came by, I saw a 'killer knife' in his hand. I stayed relaxed and passed him by on 3 feet.
What I understand was that it was about a woman.
Now looking how mainstream Turkish main newspapers 'cover' the news, I can only say: learn something about media ethics. And bravo Hürriyet to create anger and hatred with the above picture. For sure, you don't like women, and are obsessed with Ms. Hilton...
Sustainable...a word, that the boundary spanners of Turkey still don't understand.
If your secularism is based upon that: stop complaining. You are keeping the stereotypes alive.
And it's time that you show that women are not meat. Yuk!


Sean Jeating said...

Well roared, lion! :)

I remember a slightly hypocrital campaign Hürriyet started one year (?) or so ago.
And I shall not forget this picture: A humble and friendly looking man between 65 and 70, being asked for his opinion about this campaign, said as if talking about the weather: "A man who doesn't beat his wife, is no man."
And the five, six young lads around him nodded and grinned.
Btw, this happened not in Kars, but in Bremen.

Better to stop. I promised myself not become a swear-blogger. :)

Hans said...

Hurriyet is a disaster, hiring under graduated kids, rushing in their dolmus, graving for attention...
Can give you o daily base their lies, but leave that to Erkan and others..))
But that some Turks are obsessed with a light weight as Paris Hilton is a sign at the wall..
Showss that they don't like their Turkish women..))

Sean Jeating said...

[second attempt]
Well, Hans, this "obsession" does not speak against Turkish or any other women, but proves Schopenhauer who defined that genitals are the sounding-board of the brain.

What Schopenhauer did not research: What sound does one get, when there isn't any brain? :)

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Well Sean:
Than you get brainwashed people, who's sexuality is suppressed so that the empty brain hits back on fake pride and ultimate: sacrificing the body to be eternal with 40 virgins..yuk..))

Sean Jeating said...

My closest friend who would not write for reasons that I shall probably never understand, just murmured:
"40 seconds; What are 40 seconds compared to eternity? It must be the hell for some people to think of number 41."