Friday, August 10, 2007

Last of the Iraqi's

By accident (serendipity) I came across this amazing blog: Last of Iraqi's by Mohammed, a dentist in Baghdad. Especially the story of the 'Jail' is worth reading.
Amazing how people can survive like this. And this blog proves again that Social Media became more and more important than the traditional media.
The blog of Mohammed is without any rhetoric, simple basic facts, and experiences.


Sean Jeating said...

Praised be your serendipity, Hans.

Read the "story", and was both impressed and irritated.

Restricting myself on one of several aspect: Whenever reading similar posts and the following comments, people express their solidarity with the writer, they express their disgust and that they are waiting (even praying) for the day of revenge.

Ah, can't say in two sentences what I could also say in 50 sentences. :)
Perhaps I shall produce a post about this topic, myself.
Iyi hafta sonu!

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Dear Sean,

You read between the lines....))

But I admire Mohammed his peaceful intentions.


Sean Jeating said...

on the risk that other readers might get it wrong.

In 2002 I said: A war on Iraq will "create" many many terrorists for the next decades.
A boy, being told by his grandma that his parents have been killed by invaders (wherever they may come from) will grow up with the wish to once take revenge.
This is not wise. This is - unfortunately - human.

Having said this, and by having the feeling that oriental people are tending to exaggerate even more than my closest friend Tetrapilotomos, I dare to say:
One cannot blaim THE US for all what happens in Iraq.

Cheney, Pearl, Wolfowitz et al. and their stupid puppets Bush, Rumsfeld et al. deserve - to speak in terms that are not mine - to rot in hell.

Who burns mosques? Who drives a lorry near to people yearning for work, shouts "Who wants to work?" and when these humble people start running and get closer, pushes the button?!!!!

Back to Mohammed and his commenters: They seem to feel betrayed by everybody; Saudis, Jordan, Kuwait,Iran.

Seems they do not need neither the "US-" and the "Zionist-Devil" to wish one another the best.

1.Mohammed's story sounds authentic.
2. Hatred creates hatred.
3. Although I should like to celebrate my 113th fit as a fiddle, I'am not unhappy to think of that I could have my home six feet under when it comes to the great showdown.

Sounds pessimistic?
Fortunately my closest friend Tetrapilotomos uses to cut not only hair into four pieces, hence:

4. And if there were an "ISM" I built a temple, I'd name it "Optim".

The Peace of the Night!

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Sean, in fact he is very friendly about the Americans...
But now about sjiiets (me neither).