Saturday, August 18, 2007

My worst trip: Miami - Istanbul, but final destination

When I left this daily sunset in Miami behind on August the 17th, 2002, heading for Istanbul, I knew that my life would be different, totally different in Istanbul.

It's now exactly five years ago that I moved from the 'Capital of Latin America, Miami' to Istanbul; the cultural and business Capital of Turkey and of so many other things and in fact of nothing, because it still denies its heritage.

Anyway, between 2000 and 2002, I was traveling extensively between Europe and the USA and within Europe and America. And earned so many Air miles (Skymiles of Delta, Air France and British Airways), that I was able to make at least one inter-continental trip each year for free. So, my last flight from Miami to Europe was a free one. With some stop-overs, but who cares, if the excitement of going to live in another country got me head over heels.
Anyway, the free trip was: Miami-Atlanta-Milan-Paris-Istanbul.

The flight from Miami to Atlanta was a flight which I took so many times. But from there it was always Amsterdam as final destination. Now: Milan (not Malpensa). There I had to wait for 10 hrs. for a flight to Paris, from where a direct flight to Istanbul was booked for me.
The flight from Atlanta was an overnight flight: leaving on Friday at 6 PM, local time, and arriving the day after, Saturday the 18th of August at 8.00 AM in Milan. And then: niente.
Waiting, with three heavy suite cases for my flight to Paris. But... my flight to Paris was canceled at the last minute at 3 PM. So, how could I reach the people who were waiting for me at Atatürk Airport? Thanks to Air France, which allowed me to make a phone call to Istanbul for free (my credit cards and mobile phone where left behind in Miami, as you understand).
But then, more important, how could I make it to Istanbul? And again, with a lot of help of employees of Air France and Alitalia, they booked me on a flight to Vienna with Lauda Airlines. Don't think that this is some kind of charter: it's first class only. In Vienna I had to wait 2 hrs. before Austrian Airlines took off at 11.30 PM for Istanbul. An Airbus with...12 we were all treated like Royalty...))
At 2 AM, Sunday,I landed already safe in Istanbul. An exhausting trip of 32 hrs.
He, am I bored in Istanbul? No way, life is never dull my trip from Miami to Istanbul.


Paolo said...

Reading your blog, yes, I love it.
You have insight in cultures.
Hope you make some money with your talent.
Abracos from Rio!

Rosita said...

You had to stay in Milano!

Hans said...

my last 'home' will be Italy..))

mirdifderya said...

Wow what a travel! you should of travel with KLM, could of get those dutch houses wiht little drinks in it:)) still collecting them:)

archisugar said...

oh la la... what a mess. Fortunately, you arrived "home" safe. :-)

Hans said...

Derya, KLM is a disaster..))
And there was no flight from Amsterdam to Miami. So, I travelled always with Delta and their partner Air France (also a disaster).
Now, when flying, I prefer Turkish Airlines, sometimes KLM, and Lufthansa *USA. Olympic Airways to Greece, is a joke..))
but Alitalia is my favorite, they always put me first class, the nice flight attendants..))
Archisugur, I drank one bottle of whiskey upon my arrival in istanbul, and was okay..))

Hans said...

Esra, Derya,
Ozlem told me that the both of you love Gul!
Welcome to The club..)))

Rosita said...

Siete belli, il mio amico!! Baci

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

grazi..Rosita..)) un bacio sulla guancica

yasemin said...

So, when are you moving to your final home Italy?????? :-)

Hans said...

depends on moneyyyy..)))
But they don't want to let me go here..((

mirdifderya said...

Why Ozlem told you that?:) I wasn't aware of Esra's opinion:)