Saturday, August 18, 2007

I think, I know

Why they banned wordpress in Turkey: because it's today exactly five years ago that I moved from Miami to Istanbul, so I get some more attention..)) Just kidding!

I found on Matt's blog (the guy behind wordpress) the following comments:

"If we’d knew the exact reason, we’d comment about it. But it’s obvious that the banning is because of an insulting or a contemning blog article about someone. (Who I guess is Harun Yahya which known as Adnan Oktar)
This person is related with previous banning of the popular sites like Eksisozluk and Antoloji in Turkey"

kahveisteyen17.08.2007 @ 4:41 pm
We, citizens of Turkey are not even worth of an explanation. Still some say we have democracy I think only the last letter is true. TYRANNY…

Hans18.08.2007 @ 4:15 am
Dear Ozkan,
Are you telling that because of one person his article they banned wordpress. (People get quick insulted down here)
It’s a court decision, and I am pondering why they don’t give a reason.


metin said...


This is the comment I left on there:


"If a card counter is found to be cheating at blackjack, Las Vegas doesn’t shut the game down, especially if millions play (and some actually lose), but instead, he’s encouraged to learn a new game where cards are not involved, like slots (where some people actually lose too).

Maybe Wordpress should offer a lifetime free membership to the Turkish Government’s official .org site, as a matter of courtesy extended, free of all banner ads claiming that real ’secularism’ and ‘democracy’ and the ‘freedom of (insert bank here)’ does not exist in Turkey!!!"

Hans said...

Metin, didn't see that comment there, but a good one..))
We also can give the Turkish government and retired Generals free access to 'Second Life', something they need for sure..))
For your information only: I am in a spanking mood...who need some..))

metin said...

i like the 'second life idea, but do we really want to give them a 'second' chance?

Spanking?? Baykal??


Hans said...

everybody need a second life, after their career...))
Baykal, spanked? Not a bad idea. But en public, by a professional 'spanker'..))
Do we need an Iranian for that (I don't like 'stoning', 'hanging' etc.), so shall I call our Dutch Queen..))

William said...

I like your blog. Not able to read all your stories, but keep going on.
You are the Hans who was in 'debate' with this 'CD guy' on Istabulian blog?
Fun to read all sides of a coin, especially the EU'ro one...
Have a good day.