Sunday, August 19, 2007

The latest news about the fatwa...on wordpress

Below a message of a person who claims that everything is alright...
His claim is false. His claim is put on the blog of Matt of wordpress.
There are a lot of smart ICT people out there in Turkey, but with this kind of fake advice, they are burning themselves up. ... wordpress is not available in Turkey at the moment.

This is a bad joke.

As we have stated here in Turkish:
the issue is about some government officer (military related) spreading some information. This critical situation led to a fast court order and the district attorney issued a written order to TTNet, the main Internet and ADSL service provider of Turkey. They had to obey this legal order but some inexperienced technical employee blocked the whole domain in the DNS servers which led to this mess. In a few minutes a technical middle manager realized the situation and took required action. Within a few hours the domain was available (except the problematic blog which is still being blocked due to legal orders). The inexperienced employee is about to leave the job.
This is the situation now, provided FYI.


archisugar said...

Comedy and tragedy. My 2 words to discribe the situation.

metin said...

embarrassment after embarrassment. what's next? a fatwa that the President (of Turkey) cannot be elected unless he wears no moustache?

what about a fatwa about electing the man with the better looking wife . . .

or maybe a reality show called 'Turkish Idol' where each week contestants are asked to prove their 'manhood' by asking their wives to 'compromise' a piece of clothing from their repertoire . . .

I agree with archi: comic and tragic, yet totally oblivious!!!


Hans said...

I see that the both of you know what an Aristotelian Tragedy means or the 'Revenge Tragedy'. Some kind of comeday to bring fear among the people..))